At Ridge Pointe we consider it a privilege to be a part of our families’ lives. We couldn’t ask for a more sincere form of flattery than being entrusted with the care of your child.

"Finding a safe, stimulating environment for our newborn was an emotional decision. From the moment we stepped through the door, Ridge Pointe relieved our anxiety. It’s clean, bright and inviting. Our son, Alex is now 4. The preschool program is preparing him for kindergarten, but the best part is that he’s happy here. Ridge Pointe offers so many fun and educational opportunities. We know we made the right choice."

- Jonathan and Anita Edwards -

“After waiting a long time to be blessed with our daughter, it was very important to my husband and I to then find the right daycare for us. After comparing quite a few daycares, thankfully we found Ridge Pointe. Not only is the staff great, but the atmosphere is happy, nurturing and home-like too. I have been extremely pleased with the level of care and caring that is the standard at Ridge Pointe.”

- Jennifer Lohr -

“Making the decision to return to work and enroll our daughter in child care was a difficult one. We researched a variety of agencies and options before determining that Ridge Pointe was the very best fit for us. At Ridge Pointe, we know that every single day, she is getting individual attention, encouragement, love and affections she needs. Thanks to the loving environment that Ridge Pointe offers, our daughter is thriving, and we are confident that she is getting the best possible care available.”

- Kim and Neal Fraser -

“Selecting a daycare for, at the time, our single most precious gift, our son, was the most difficult decision my husband and I had ever had to make. After touring many daycares (facilities and home based), we felt something different when we walked through the doors at Ridge Pointe, warmth. We couldn’t be happier with how our son has flourished under their care. Entering Kindergarten this year, we are amazed with how well prepared Ridge Pointe made him for the transition. Now, with the birth of our daughter, we had no hesitation when it came time to leave her at Ridge Pointe for the first time.”

- Barbara and Bill Hernandez -